Dialogue with Ambassador of Israel

Dialogue with Ambassador of Israel

19 May 2021

May 19th, in the framework of the course «Ambassadorial Dialogue», the Ambassador of Israel Alexander Ben Zvi gave a talk to MGIMO students.

The guest was greeted by the Vice-Rector for Research, Dean of the School of International Relations A.Baykov and the General Director of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress in Russia, President of the All-Russian Union of Jewish Students S.Mirilashvili.

Alexander Ben Zvi delivered a lecture devoted to the practical aspects of diplomacy using the example of the Middle East crisis. He encouraged students not to underestimate the role of history in analyzing various situations and to carefully examine all the events that preceded the escalation of the conflict.

The Ambassador told the audience in detail about how the confrontation in the Middle East began, how it evolved and the most recent developments. Alexander Ben Zvi made the meeting interactive by engaging in a discussion with students, during which they discussed the position of various countries of the world regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, the role of the Middle East Quartet, the problem of Israel's national security, the status of Jerusalem and the international legal status of Palestine.

Alexander Ben Zvi finished by taking questions from the audience about the development of relations between Russia and Israel, the prospects for relations with the United States during Joe Biden’s presidency and the role of immigrants from Slavic countries in current Israeli politics.