Model UN Opening Ceremony — ANUDI Model

Model UN Opening Ceremony — ANUDI Model

27 July 2020

July 27th, the opening ceremony of the V.Churkin International Model UN organized for the first time together with its European partner the Association for the United Nations and International Law (ANUDI, Madrid) took place.

The opening ceremony was kicked off by the Deputy Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow, V. Pavinskiy who addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. The speaker noted that the online conference illustrates the fact that civil society, in particular youth organizations, strive to maintain effective international cooperation, even in difficult times. Participating in the event allows the UN Model members to acquire valuable skills, which are necessary to maintain sustainable and peaceful relations between countries. V. Pavinskiy also emphasized the fact that the Model UN was set up by MGIMO-University and the United Nations Association of Russia, which has long-standing relations with the UN. The speaker also remarked that the UN Information Center in Moscow plays an important role in disseminating information about UN activities.

The Secretary General of the V.Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations Nikita Smolyaninov greeted the participants and noted that the event is a unique opportunity for young people from all over the world to communicate and that difficult situations should not stop cooperation from reaching a new level as C-MIMUN and ANUDI have managed to do in the framework of their cooperation over the years. One of the features that brings together the model UN community is the desire to change the world, to strengthen international stability and to promote the principles set forth in the UN Charter.

Yulia Delyukna, Assistant Coordinator for the Model UN Committees also welcomed the guests, noting that despite the remote format of the event, the Model was skilfully organized. She also expressed enthusiasm at how closely the two parties had worked together to organize the event, supporting each other on a myriad of issues.

UC3MUN20 Secretary General, ANUDI President Helen Souki, stressed the fact that the online model was organized by two partners from different countries with their own specific cultures and histories, which nevertheless share the same goals, interests and participate in similar types of activities.

All the speakers wished the participants a successful week of meetings and constructive debates.