Ambassador of Ethiopia Comes to MGIMO

Ambassador of Ethiopia Comes to MGIMO

5 March 2020

March 5th, MGIMO Rector A.Torkunov received the Ambassador of Ethiopia to the Russian Federation Argau Alemayehu Tegen and the Adviser of the Ethiopian Embassy Kassa Gebreyohannes Ghebremichael.

The Ambassador made some suggestions regarding the ways to develop cooperation between MGIMO and the Institute for the Training of Diplomatic Personnel at the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, mulled over the possibility of increasing the number of Ethiopian students in the Russian language for foreign citizens courses and in different undergraduate programs and expressed his strong support for the deepening of academic exchanges.

A.Tegen also expressed interest in sending faculty members from MGIMO, including African experts, to the Institute for Training Diplomatic Personnel of the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry to deliver lectures on Russian foreign policy and its relations with African countries. The guest also noted that Ethiopian historians, economists and international legal scholars could benefit from using the resources of MGIMO’s Scientific Library, when they visit the University.

A.Torkunov described to the guests the latest expert publications of the University’s faculty members on international, global and regional relations, the history of the diplomatic service, contemporary international relations, the history as well as the foreign policy of Russia and promised to send some of the most recent ones to the Ethiopian Embassy as a gift from the University.

The Rector also spoke about the new program developed by MGIMO in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Agriculture for the training of agricultural attaches. The sides reached a preliminary agreement to establish a new cooperation initiative between MGIMO and the Ethiopian Institute for the Training of Diplomatic Personnel aimed at supporting both countries' ministries of agriculture on issues related to the export-import of agricultural products.

The parties also agreed that A. Tegen would deliver a lecture to MGIMO students in April this year.

The meeting was attended by the Head of the International Office, E.Andreev.

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