Lecture on Nicaragua by Ambassador Alba Azusena Torres

Lecture on Nicaragua by Ambassador Alba Azusena Torres

26 April 2019

April 26th, Alba Azusena Torres, Ambassador of Nicaragua to the Russian Federation, met with MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs Andrey Baykov and the Director of the Ibero-American Center Alla Zenkovich.

Andrey Baykov spoke to the guest about the University’s tradition of teaching Spanish, noting that currently around 900 students from different MGIMO schools are learning the language. They then unveiled a rare photo exhibition dedicated to Augusto Cesar Sandino, leader and hero of the national liberation war in Nicaragua. The event was attended by students and members of the faculty.

During her brief but eventful visit to MGIMO, Alba Azusena Torres delivered a lecture to students about her country, relating the life of General Sandino and introducing to students the great Nicaraguan poet Ruben Dario. The Ambassador also took questions from the audience and dwelled on the traditions of her country, the Nicaraguan channel and bilateral relations with Russia. The guest also suggested holding a competition on Ruben Dario and the image of Nicaragua, and invited students and lecturers to partake in the festival of Latin American cinema, which will be held this May at the Tretyakov Gallery, the House of Cinema (Dom Kino) and the Cervantes Institute.

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