On-Site Module of Global Agrarian Markets MA in Kuban State University

On-Site Module of Global Agrarian Markets MA in Kuban State University

25 November 2019

Starting November 18th, students enrolled in MGIMO’s "Global Agrarian Markets" master's program, spent a week in the Krasnodar region.

The on-site module, jointly set up by MGIMO and Kuban State Agrarian University comprised lectures on international legal regulation in the agricultural sector, international standardization and certification of agricultural products, the legal protection of selection achievements in Russian and foreign law, the algorithm aiding to determining the law applicable to foreign economic transactions in the agro-industrial complex and other technical knowledge needed by professionals working in the agricultural industry.

One of the main features of the on-site module was the opportunity to participate in the major agricultural exhibition "YugAgro".

Aside their classes at Kuban State Agrarian University, the students discovered the specificities of various agricultural industries. They analysed the unique educational and experimental experience of the company "Kuban", which has become highly efficient by introducing scientific innovations in crops as well as livestock.

MGIMO students also visited "Agrocomplex", one of the top 100 Russian companies, which provides for the Russian market and also exports its products. Experts from the firm explained the need to constantly modernize production processes to remain competitive. Students were also taken on a tour of the new cheese production plant and livestock complex and found out about the way in which the firm certifies its products and deals with storage and marketing issues.

The guests also went to the Korenovsky dairy plant where they were told about the production process of cottage cheese. In the rice breeding plant "Krasnoarmeisky", they discussed with specialists the specificities of rice cultivation. At the stud farm, the students learnt about Russian, English and Arabic breeds of horses.

At the All-Russian Rice Research Institute, students visited the grain quality laboratory, studied the genetic bank of the Institute and its 6000 sorts of rice, which makes it the largest seed storage institution in Russia.

The students’ next stop was at "Sad Gigant", where they spoke about the types of legal regulations a fruit producer may need to abide by. They also went to the winery "Abrau-Durso", and ended the tour in the Administration of the Black sea seaports. The largest transport hub for Russian agricultural production is indeed in Novosibirsk.

The on-site module allowed the students to exchange ideas and learn from the experience of leaders of the agricultural market, all the while gaining a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these companies. The students returned home with a fuller understanding of global agrarian markets.

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