II International Forum «Meeting the Russian Caucasus»

II International Forum «Meeting the Russian Caucasus»

2 April 2019

March 30th- April 2nd, the Second International Forum «Meeting the Russian Caucasus» took place in Nalchik (the capital city of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic). The forum included about 50 students from 15 countries, an even more diverse audience than during the first forum.

The motto of the event was: «It’s better to see once than to hear a hundred times», illustrating the need for people from different countries to come in person and form their own opinion about the Russian Caucasus. Indeed, the region has been the object of various stereotypes and the main goal of the project is to offer students the opportunity to visit the region and exchange ideas with experts and university professors.

The participants of the forum were taken on various excursions, to the highest point of Europe Mount Elbrus, to the Malkinsky stud farm, and to the Elbrus region to discover the traditional way of life and culture of local inhabitants. They also attended events at Berbekov Kabardino-Balkarian State University. Students expressed their joy and gratitude at having been offered this unique opportunity, which changed their perspective of the region forever.

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