Indonesian delegation of Asia-Africa Youth Government visits MGIMO

Indonesian delegation of Asia-Africa Youth Government visits MGIMO

3 June 2022

On June 3, an Indonesian delegation from a non-governmental organization Asian-African Youth Government (AAYG), led by its President Mr. Saddam Al Jihad Respiratori paid a visit to the ASEAN Centre at MGIMO.

The delegation of AAYG also included the Minister of Politics and Security Mr. Muhammad Jusrianto, Deputy Minister of Man Power Mr. Viary Muchlas Mubarok and Special Advisors to the President Dr. Muhammad Ridho, S.H., M.H and Mr. Muhammad Khuluqi Hidayatullah.

From the Russian side the meeting with the AAYG representatives was attended by Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Director of the ASEAN Center, Dr. Viktor Sumsky the Senior Expert of the ASEAN Center as well as by the ASEAN Centre Experts Dr. Valeria Vershinina, Dr. Nikita Kuklin and Ms. Kira Tabunova. The meeting was joined by representatives of the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow (KBRI Moscow), including Minister Counsellor, Head of Information and Socio-Cultural Affairs Mr. Nanang Syaiful Fadillah, Attaché on Education Mr. Adi Nuryanto, and Embassy official Mr. Muhammad Rizinski.

An Indonesian language Lecturer at MGIMO Mr. Anton Sapronov and his undergraduate students of the School of International Relations studying the Indonesian language were also invited to the meeting.

During the discussion Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova spoke about history and activities of the ASEAN Center, as well as its main projects and spheres of professional interest. In turn, AAYG President Mr. Saddam Al Jihad Respiratori introduced to the audience the main areas of his youth government activity such as cultural cooperation, youth political and innovative projects, academic and education cooperation, public diplomacy and youth community management. He further recalled the origins of the longstanding friendship between Indonesia and Russia and emphasized the closeness of our society’s worldview and values.

The parties exchanged proposals on strengthening cooperation between the AAYG and MGIMO youth organizations, such as Scientific Students Society of MGIMO, Churkin Moscow International United Nations Model and many other Russian and Indonesian (diaspora) youth institutions in Russia. MGIMO students took active part in the question and answers session, speaking Indonesian, which made a positive impression on the delegation. The delegation and the Embassy officials also had a short meeting with MGIMO Vice-Rector for Science and Research Dr. Andrey Baykov, discussing the possibilities for strengthening contacts between MGIMO and educational institutions in Indonesia.

The meeting programme included a visit to the MGIMO History Museum and the MGIMO Rare Book Museum, where the Indonesian colleagues got acquainted with the history of the MGIMO formation as a leading center for preparing diplomatic personnel, including those for the countries of the Global South. The Rare Book Museum also aroused considerable interest of the delegation, especially rare books from Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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