MGIMO Signs Cooperation Agreement with Digital Company Zyfra

MGIMO Signs Cooperation Agreement with Digital Company Zyfra

19 February 2019

February 19th, representatives of the digital technologies company Zyfra came to MGIMO to sign a cooperation agreement with the University.

On MGIMO’s side, the meeting was attended by the Vice-Rector for Human Resources Vladimir Morozov, the Dean of the School of International Economic Relations, Oleg Pichkov and members of the faculty. The company Zyfra was represented by its Business Development Director Aleksander Smolensky and the Business Development Manager Ilya Izmaylov.

Before they proceeded to signing the agreement, the sides spoke about the three main directions to develop their cooperation: the organization of shared educational activities, of placements and internships for students and the realization of common projects.

Oleg Pichkov noted that the leadership of the University had expressed the need to develop a digital educational environment, which implies improving the digital literacy of both MGIMO lecturers and students. Vladimir Morozov noted that cooperation with Zyfra is a good means of reaching this goal and that while restructuring economic education at MGIMO, it is necessary to introduce new advanced educational technologies.

Aleksander Smolensky confirmed that Zyfra was enthusiastic to participate in this project and that experts from the company could conduct master classes on the different ways to proceed with these digital transformations at MGIMO.
Zyfra could help MGIMO create digital educational courses to meet the needs of its students and the parties could hold joint educational events such as case-championships. MGIMO representatives invited Zyfra employees to participate in upcoming events organized by the School of International Economic Relations.

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