Young Chinese Diplomats at MGIMO

Young Chinese Diplomats at MGIMO

12 November 2019

November 12th, a delegation of young diplomats from China came to MGIMO as part of the program of Inter-Ministerial Consultations with China.

The meeting was attended on MGIMO’s side by the Vice-Rector for Human Resources Vladimir Morozov, the Director of the Center for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects, Professor at the Department of Oriental Studies, Aleksey Voskresensky and students of the University.

The Vice-Rector greeted the guests and described to them the main programs of the University, focusing on those aimed at training diplomatic personnel and noting that internships are a key part of the learning process. Aleksey Voskresensky gave an overview of Chinese studies at MGIMO, remarking that the University is proud of its prestigious schools of regional and political studies. The new edition of «Models of Development of Modern China: Assessments, Discussions, Forecasts», dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of the problems of development of China today, was also presented to the guests.

During the event, the young employees of the Chinese Foreign Ministry had lively discussions with MGIMO MA students studying Chinese. A. Prikhodchenko told the guests about the specificities of language training at MGIMO, noting that language acquisition is essential to students as it is the key to a successful career. Another student, D. Kochnev spoke about how MGIMO organizes internships in leading Chinese Universities for its students. One of the most popular exchange programs is with Beijing University of foreign languages and helps to train translators for the foreign ministries of Russia and China.

The Head of the Chinese delegation, Adviser at the Department of Europe and Central Asia Liu Hao presented the new initiatives of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which aim to increase interaction between its diplomats and foreign students and diplomats. The sides also exchanged views on recent international events.

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