Prince Shakhovsky Talks about Russian Identity at MGIMO

Prince Shakhovsky Talks about Russian Identity at MGIMO

20 February 2019

February 20th, Prince Dmitry Shakhovsky came to MGIMO to deliver a lecture to students on Russian Identity and the Russian World in Western Countries in the 21st Century.

The Prince came with his wife Tamara, his son Ivan and his son’s wife Anastasia Shakhovskaya. They were accompanied on their visit by representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Work with Compatriots and its Director Oleg Malginov. The guests were greeted by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin, and the Dean of the School of International Journalism Yaroslav Skortsov, who spoke to them about the history and current development priorities of the University.

During his lecture on Russian Identity, Dmitry Shakhovsky spoke about his personal experience as a Russian living in France and noted that being abroad helped him to understand his «Russianness». He also emphasized the unifying role of the Russian Orthodox Church and described the different experiences and books, which made him who he is today. After the lecture, the guest took questions from the audience.

Dmitry Shakhovsky is an active member of the Russian Compatriots Movement, a Doctor of History and Philology and a Professor at the University of Rennes. He recently was bestowed, during a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, an award for his «Contribution to International Cooperation».

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