Chairman of World Retail Congress Ian McGarrigle Lectures at MGIMO

Chairman of World Retail Congress Ian McGarrigle Lectures at MGIMO

12 September 2019

September 12th, MGIMO received the Chairman of the World Retail Congress, Ian McGarrigle. During his visit to the University, the guest had an interview with MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs, Andrey Baykov, and the Program Director of the MA «Industry Marketing of Goods and Services» Olga Khotyasheva. Ian McGarrigle also gave a talk to students on recent trends in the international retail market.

The lecture was devoted to the impact of digitalization on the retail market and to the new technologies used by retail chains to attract «informed» customers.

The meeting was sponsored by one of the «Industry Marketing of Goods and Services» MA program’s key partners, the Retail Academy, which has had for co-chair since 2018 Andrey Baykov. Ian McGarrigle’s lecture was one of a series that traditionally take place during the first academic semester of this program. Discovering the different areas of marketing (in this case, «Retail Network Marketing and FMCG») allows students to form an understanding of which field interests them the most.

There is growing demand among students for the specialization «Retail Network Marketing and FMCG», which has for supervisor the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BBCG, Alexey Filatov and trains competent marketing specialists in the retail segment. In May 2019, 2nd year MGIMO students of this program won the 2nd place at the Future Retail Challenge in Amsterdam, becoming the first Russians to succeed in this prestigious competition.

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