Russian Parliament Simulation at MGIMO. Students Role-playing Game

Russian Parliament Simulation at MGIMO. Students Role-playing Game

5 April 2019

April 5th, MGIMO’s first Parliamentary Model, organized by the University’s Law Club, the International Law School and the Student Union drew to a close. The Parliamentary Model is a role-playing game, which brings together students from different universities and simulates the work of a parliament.

Over two hundred students from Moscow and other Russian regions came to MGIMO to participate in the model. The work of the parliament was split into seven specialized committees, each managed by professors and experts from MGIMO’s International Law School and concentrating on specific issues.

During the closing ceremony, the Head of MGIMO’s Law Club A. Starikov thanked the MPs on behalf of the organizers, and remarked that all participants had gained during the model a unique legal experience. The Vice-Rector for Social Development Igor Loginov emphasized the success of this first model and expressed confidence in it becoming a traditional event at the University. Several faculty members gave their feedback about the parliamentary model, noting its scale, the quality of the debates in the different committees, the high legal expertise of the participants etc.

During the four days, committee experts assessed the work of the PMs, their public speaking skills, their legal knowledge and their technique. During the closing ceremony, prizes were awarded to the most outstanding students.

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