MGIMO programs in Uzbekistan

MGIMO programs in Uzbekistan

6 July 2019

July 6th, MGIMO presented new programs in Tashkent.

Applicants and their parents discovered MGIMO’s undergraduate and graduate programs in «Business Informatics» and «Law», launched from this academic year.

The University’s Vice-Rector Artem Malgin, gave a talk about the advantages of studying at MGIMO Campus in Tashkent, describing the uniqueness of the educational process and the language training (students study two foreign languages).

The programs taught in Tashkent follow the modular principle (with 2-3 weeks per course) and involve several semesters spent in Moscow (three semesters at undergraduate level, one semester at graduate level). Courses in Tashkent will be taught by MGIMO professors.

The Program Supervisors A. Loboda and Y. Kozlovskaya answered the questions put to them by applicants.

Currently, the application process for MGIMO master programs in Tashkent («System Analysis in International Business» and «International Private, Commercial and Financial Law») is still under way. July 21st, after a meeting of the dedicated commission, applicants will be called in for interview.

BA applicants («Business Informatics») will be able to take exams on reserve days: July 11th, 14th and 17th (mathematics, Russian and a foreign language). The number of places on the program «Analysis and Modelling of Socio-Economic Processes» has been increased to fifty.

To be a candidate, students must write an application letter (until July 10th for BA programs and until July 20th for MA programs).

All other documents can be brought at the beginning of the academic year.

The admissions office is located on 54 Mustakillik Avenue (UWED campus).

If you need further information, please visit our website or phone +998 71 267 14 46.