New MGIMO Course in English on Coursera Platform

New MGIMO Course in English on Coursera Platform

4 March 2020

MGIMO now offers a new course in English on the Coursera platform «Bases of the law of obligations (The Russian Federation). Part 2», which is a continuation of the course «Bases of the law of obligations (The Russian Federation)». The course was created by Professor A. Shaskova, a Professor of the Department of Constitutional Law.

The objective of the course is to teach students some of the fundamental knowledge about the Russian Law of Obligations. The course has been designed for students of general educational institutions, Russian and foreign lawyers, heads of legal entities, financial directors, chief accountants, auditors, practicing in English, and to any person, interested in the Law of Obligations.

Upon its successful completion, students will be fully equipped to analyze and evaluate situations from a legal perspective, identify the essential elements of a contract, explain the six means of securing obligations — forfeit, pledge, retention, bank guarantee, surety and earnest money, explain the consequences of a breach of contract, identify the main cases of termination of a contract, explain how obligations in tort arise and discuss the consequences of damage or loss in relation to non-contractual obligations.

The course comprises three modules. The first looks at the means of securing obligations by explaining how the Civil Code enables obligations to be secured and the six means of securing obligations. The second module analyses the breach of contract and its consequences. The third module focuses on non-contractual obligations, defining what a tort is, explaining how obligations in tort arise as well as the tests applied by the courts to establish whether a non-contractual obligation has arisen. Finally, it reviews the consequences of damage or loss in relation to non-contractual obligations.

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