Start of New Global Agrarian Markets Master’s Program

Start of New Global Agrarian Markets Master’s Program

11 September 2019

September 11th, during a solemn ceremony, the newly enrolled students of the innovative program «Global Agrarian Markets» were congratulated on the start of the academic year by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin and the Rector of MGIMO University Anatoly Torkunov.

The master’s program «Global Agrarian Markets» is the first Master’s program in management, which prepares students for a career in Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture.

In his welcome speech, Deputy Minister Sergey Levin described to the audience the initiative to create a network of representatives of Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture in 50 different countries. Sergey Levin went on to say: «We see you not only as representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture abroad, but also as a brand new professional group, a new community of experts involved in marketing activities and promoting your country’s agricultural products abroad».

In turn, Anatoly Torkunov also said a few words to the undergraduates about the uniqueness of their chosen course of studies: «You are pionners, studying in a program which has no equivalent anywhere. It was created by MGIMO and the Ministry of Agriculture, and we take this new responsibility very seriously as you must too. You must be well-rounded professionals dedicated to promoting our agriculture abroad. »

In a festive atmosphere, the 24 new undergraduates were handed their student ID cards. The first cohort comprises students having completed their undergraduate studies at leading Russian universities, such as MGIMO, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Kazan Federal University, Moscow State Linguistic University and who speak rare foreign languages: Filipino, Persian, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic and Japanese.

The program is run for the Ministry of Agriculture at MGIMO’s purpose-made department of «International Agrarian Markets and Foreign Economic Activity in the Agro-Industrial Complex». It has for partners the country’s leading agricultural universities: Stavropol and Krasnodar Agrarian Universities and the Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academy, where students will attend practical modules. The program also comprises the intensive study of a foreign language.

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