Expert meetings at MGIMO Days in Tashkent

Expert meetings at MGIMO Days in Tashkent

7 December 2019

December 7th, in the morning, a joint methodical seminar in the format of a work meeting on teaching in «Business Informatics» programs took place. The Program Supervisor Y. Kozlovskaya, the Head of the MGIMO Department of Mathematical Methods and Business Informatics L. Pritchina and faculty members teaching mathematics, economics, and computer science at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, at undergraduate and graduate levels, participated in the discussions.

During the seminar, the sides reviewed students’ results, the feedback received from lecturers, the educational process and the best practices aiming to prepare the freshmen for studies at MGIMO, taking into consideration the specificities of the new programs. Participants had some productive debates and made plans to expand joint research and methodological work.

During the second half of the day, MGIMO and UWED set up a joint Russian-Uzbek seminar on civil law in a comparative perspective and different approaches to private international law.

MGIMO’s Vice-Rector A. Malgin and the Vice-Rector of UWED M. Bakoev kicked off the event, which was moderated by the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovations of UWED G. Ismailova.

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The seminar comprised three sessions. During the first one, dedicated to the «Development of Public Law Branches in Uzbekistan and Russia,» the Deputy Dean of MGIMO’s International Law School, Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional Law N. Molchakov gave a talk on Russia’s constitutional development. Representatives of the Uzbek side, S. Adilkhodzhaeva, A. Yuldashev, I. Khamedov spoke about matters related to constitutionalism, parliamentarism and administrative and financial law in Uzbekistan.

During the session on the «Development of Private Law Branches in Uzbekistan and Russia», the Head of the Department of Civil and Arbitration Proceedings A. Kalgina described the civil law reform in Russia, the Assistant Professor of International Private and Civil Law and M. Andrianova focused on changes in international commercial arbitration in Russia. N. Rakhmankulova and D. Imamova reviewed ways of improving the Civil Code and S. Masadikov spoke about international commercial arbitration, explaining the development of different branches of law in Uzbekistan.

The last session dealt with the development of legal education in Russia and Uzbekistan. G. Ismailova and Z. Ubaidulaev shared UWED’s experience with the guests. On MGIMO’s side, the Head of the Legal Department of MGIMO-Odintsovo A. Tarasevich gave a speech along with the graduate student of the Department of European Law I. Arsenyev and N. Molchakov.

The seminar took place in the framework of a series of Russian-Uzbek expert meetings organized by MGIMO and UWED. A first meeting, devoted to regional security, multilateral cooperation and the development of Central Asia was held in May this year at the MGIMO Alumni Forum in Tashkent.