MGIMO Team to Participate in Selection for «Island 10-22»

MGIMO Team to Participate in Selection for «Island 10-22»

22 February 2019

In July, an educational program for innovators in the field of higher education will be held at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

Participating in this competition is the first step MGIMO is taking towards the National Technology Initiative (NTI) and it should lead the University to connecting to various information and educational systems, which could be extremely useful for students and lecturers alike.

A hundred teams of ten to twelve people will be selected among candidates to take part in the program: they will include the management of universities, regional political and administrative figures, leaders of student communities, young experts, talented students and businessmen.

For twelve days, the participants of the program will be taught new methods of management in education, will be initiated to digital innovations, attend master classes with famous entrepreneurs and participate in brain-storming sessions.

The first «Island 10-21» was held in July 2018 with the participation of a thousand technicians, technology entrepreneurs, talented students, start-up businessmen, regional and federal officials and specialists in digital disciplines. It was focused on the development and application of end-to-end technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, new production technologies, neurotechnologies and the teaching of versatile business competencies.

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