Secretary of Iran Cultural Revolution Supreme Council Comes to MGIMO

Secretary of Iran Cultural Revolution Supreme Council Comes to MGIMO

6 December 2019

December 6th, the Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran, Saied Reza Ameli, came to MGIMO. The guest was greeted by MGIMO Rector, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. Torkunov and by members of the faculty and students.

Saied Reza Ameli is Professor of Communication and American Studies and Dean of the School of International Studies at Tehran University. He visited MGIMO in the framework of his first visit to Russia as Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of Iran. Ahead of his meeting with students and faculty members, the guest was received by MGIMO Rector A. Torkunov.

A. Sushentsov, the Director of the Institute for International Studies (IIS), moderated the discussion with the faculty members and students of the University. Saied Reza Ameli gave a talk about the impact of digital technologies on culture, society and international relations, mulled over the problems of freedom of communication and the protection of national interests, and revealed to the audience how the main sectors of the economy continued to function in Iran while the country was disconnected from the Internet.

Among those attending the meeting were the Professor at the Department of Oriental Studies S. Druzhilovsky, the Associate Professor of the Department of World Economy and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the International Communications journal N. Masumova, the Deputy Director of the Center for International Information Security and Scientific and Technology Policy E. Zinoviev, the Senior Lecturer at the Department of Indo-Iranian and African Languages A. Berezina, the Leading Researcher at the Center for Caucasus Problems and Regional Security at the IIS N. Silaev, the Researcher at the Center for European Studies at the IIS and Lecturer at the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia A. Chekov, the Researcher at the Center for Post-Soviet Studies O. Podberezkina, the Analyst at the IIS G. Machitidze, the Junior Researcher at the Center for Middle East Studies of the IIS A. Margoyev and students specialized in the Persian, Dari and Pashto languages, together with other MGIMO students and graduates.

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