Donor day at MGIMO

Donor day at MGIMO

7 March 2019

March 7th was Donor Day at MGIMO. During this charity event organized by the University’s medical clinic and the Student Union, over a hundred students and faculty members gave blood.

Donor Day is a traditional event at MGIMO, which has been held every semester for a decade already. In order to be a blood donor, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination during which the person is weighed and their blood is analysed.

This year the event attracted more participants than before, some of them regular donors, others first-timers. All donors are welcome, regardless of their blood type and Rhesus factor. Student-donors who were interviewed underlined the fact that this small effort on their part could contribute to saving lives and that it’s a simple way of doing a charitable action.

The organizers of the event extend their thanks to the Gavrilov Blood Center and to all participants!

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