Congratulations on Diplomats Day!

Congratulations on Diplomats Day!

10 February 2019

February 10th is the day Russia celebrates its diplomatic service. Russian President Vladimir Putin established this public holiday in 2002. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov congratulated the country’s diplomatic personnel and veterans of this profession on this memorable occasion.

The Foreign Minister started by extending his best wishes to all diplomats working in the Central Office and abroad on this day. He also reminded everyone that the date of the holiday is linked to the creation in 1549 of the first Ambassadorial Department fully devoted to conducting foreign affairs. Obviously, Russian diplomacy dates much further back, the country having always been a dynamic player on the international stage.

Sergey Lavrov noted that diplomatic work requires exceptional skills, extensive knowledge of a wide range of subjects and the ability to understand different points of view. He expressed his gratitude to the entire diplomatic service for the outstanding work they do every day, sometimes putting in danger their own lives while serving their country. The Foreign Minister finished his speech by assuring his audience that the Diplomatic Service would pursue its relentless efforts to ensure a secure and stable future for its country.

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