US-Russian Workshop on Current Trends in Statecraft

US-Russian Workshop on Current Trends in Statecraft

3 March 2020

March 2nd, experts from MGIMO, other Russian organizations and the Sam Nunn School of International Relations at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) had a discussion on how new technologies impact world politics and Russian-American relations.

The event was held in the framework of a collaboration project between MGIMO and the Sam Nunn School. The goal of the research project is to prepare a collective research publication on the evolution of the foreign policy and statecraft tools of Russia and the United States, with the emphasis on new technologies and foreign policy strategies in Russian-American relations.

The participants of the conference, MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs, also Dean of the School of International Relations, A.Baykov, Vice-Rector for Human Resources V.Morozov, Dean of the School of Government and International Affairs M.Troitskiy, Professor at the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia A.Zagorski, Professor at the School of Government and International Affairs C.Korten, Associate Professor at the Department of Applied International Analysis I.Istomin, Lecturers A.Vigneau and M.Shibkova, Head of International Public Policy at Yandex, A.Vysotsky, Leading Economist at the consulting company PF Capital E.Nadorshin, PIR Center Consultant O.Shakirov, Chair of the Sam Nunn School A.Stulberg and Associate Professor J.Jordan all gave presentations on various aspects of statecraft.

The joint MGIMO—Sam Nunn School initiative also includes collaborative teaching in the spring semester of parallel courses at the two institutions on the current trends in the evolution of statecraft.

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