Forum of Russian and Iranian Universities Rectors

Forum of Russian and Iranian Universities Rectors

7 July 2020

July 7th, the fifth Forum of Rectors of Russian and Iranian Universities unfolded remotely. MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Human Resources V.Morozov represented the University at this event.

The participants mulled over the achievements of bilateral educational and scientific cooperation and considered the different paths to deepen their collaboration.

The meeting was moderated by the President of the Russian Union of Rectors and Rector of Moscow State University V.Sadovnichy and by the Rector of the University of Tehran M.Ahmadabadi.

The decision to prioritise the development of the partnership between universities of Russia and Iran was made during the visit of a Russian delegation to Iran several years ago.

The forum was kicked off by several guests of honour: the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia V.Falkov, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran M.Gholami, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Iran L.Dzhagaryan, the Ambassador of Iran to Russia K.Jalali.

The guests were also greeted by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Human Resources V.Morozov.

V.Falkov remarked that cooperation between Russia and Iran over recent years has been extremely fruitful. In turn, the Iranian side underlined its interest in further developing the partnership with Russian universities, particularly through joint academic publications and projects, remarking that current times allow time for reflection and to elaborate new initiatives. The participants of the plenary session noted that the number of Iranian students in Russia is steadily increasing. Over the last three years, it has quadrupled, which reflects the effectiveness of joint cooperation projects.

As the forum came to a close, the moderators expressed their gratitude to those involved within universities in boosting cooperation between countries, as this contributes to the development of friendly relations. Participants also agreed to publish relevant ideas and documents discussed during the forum.