Integration weeks

In late August all international students enrolled in MGIMO’s BA and MA programs as well as exchange students from partner universities and students of the prep course are invited to take part in integration meetings. These events are dedicated to welcoming new students and familiarizing them with the University and the city of Moscow.

During the Integration Weeks international students meet with coordinators of their programs in person, get to know the Russian educational process, MGIMO’s specificities and the educational credit transfer system of the Bologna Process. The management of the University provides important details about the migration registration, visa renewal processes, accommodation, health insurance and other practical matters. At the end of the Integration Week, the Russian placement test is held and photos for access cards are taken.

International students also take part in the facilities tour (including the Sport Center, the Medical Center, and the Library) as well as the MGIMO Museum tour. MGIMO extracurricular activities are presented by the team of the Cultural Center and members of various student organizations such as the Fraternities Council and the Student Union.  

If you've arrived late, make sure you contact your coordinator to find out what information you may have missed.


Coordinator Ms Ekaterina Orlova

MGIMO International Office
76 Prospect Vernadskogo, office БЦ-02, Moscow 119454
+7 495 234 84 61

Office hours: Monday—Friday 10:00-17:00 (UTC+3:00)