Preparatory Russian Language Course

Key features
Target group: non-Russian-speaking persons, primarily (but not only) those wishing to study at MGIMO programs taught in Russian ( baccalaureate, master’ degree, postgraduate) as well as in other universities of Russia.

Foreign citizens applying for the Russian Language Preparatory Course are tested online to determine the level of proficiency.
Groups are formed based on the level.

Two groups will be formed in academic year:

beginner group (Level 1) and intermediate group (Level 2).
The number of contact hours and the amount of payment:

Beginner group (Level 1)
First semester — 32 hours per week of Russian language classes;
Second semester — 28 hours per week of Russian language classes;
Second semester — 4 hours of lectures in Russian : «Russian History» and «World Regions Economic Geography».
One academic hour — 40 minutes
Tuition Fee: 470 000 rubles per year

Intermediate group (Level 2)
First semester — 26 hours per week of Russian language classes;
Second semester — 22 hours per week of Russian language classes;
Second semester — 4 hours of lectures in Russian: «Russian History» and «World Regions Economic Geography».
One academic hour — 40 minutes
Tuition Fee: 380 000 rubles per year
Admission is carried out on a contract basis with 100% prepayment after signing the contract and providing a medical insurance valid on the territory of the Russian Federation for the entire period of studying at MGIMO.
Duration of course: 9 months
Classes are held from September 1st till May 31st of each year.
Time of employment: the first or second half of the day
The course is intensive: students have their classes from Monday till Saturday.
Intake: 50 students per course (10 students per group).
Application deadline: July 15th

Students of the Preparatory course are required to regularly attend the classes, actively participate in class and do the homework.

Assessment and academic credit
Every semester students are to pass an oral and a written exam.
After finishing their study at MGIMO and passing the final exam, students of the Preparatory course receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Please note that it is a non-grade (non-credit) course.

Accommodation is self-organized by the student.
You may indicate in the questionnaire whether you need a place at the MGIMO residence hall. If there are places, they are allocated at an additional fee (300–400 rubles per night), but the University does not guarantee any accommodation. Single accommodation is not possible.

The course is an effective way either to learn Russian in short time or to boost your confidence in this language and develop communication skills. Students take this course with the intention of undertaking further study in Russia, working here, or doing business with Russian partners.

This course is especially recommended for foreigners wishing to apply for MGIMO programs taught in Russian. If a student is unable to meet the required level of Russian proficiency, he or she will not be able to immediately enroll in classes at MGIMO. In this case, we recommend that the student defers the application for a year and concentrates on Russian language proficiency.

At the conclusion of the course, students who studied diligently, will be able to study at MGIMO in Russian.

Please note that the course is neither a prerequisite nor a guarantee for admission to any other MGIMO program.

Course content

The Preparatory course covers different aspects of Russian language: phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, along with such essential elements for further study at MGIMO as academic style of speech and linguoculturology. Students of the course read and discuss original texts, listen to live speeches and news recordings, write essays and make reports or presentations in Russian.

Our experienced teachers use modern methods and techniques, and introduce both well-known teaching aids and educational materials created by the faculty.

On the first day of the course, students have a language level test after which all the participants are spanided into small groups according to their degree of proficiency.

Prior to the beginning of the course all the participants are invited to take part in integration meetings for international students. The Integration Weeks aim at familiarizing newcomers with the city of Moscow and the University, and providing information regarding the educational process of MGIMO, accommodation, health insurance, and other practical matters.

How to apply

  • Fill in the questionnaire.
  • Print out the completed questionnaire, sign it by hand, scan it and send it along with a scanned copy of your valid passport to MGIMO International Office by email to:
  • If you are approved, an educational contract is to be concluded and paid. After MGIMO has received the payment, you can apply for a visa.
  • Check with the nearest Russian consulate regarding visa requirements (for example, a completed visa application form, a valid passport, the Letter of Acceptance from MGIMO, passport photos 3×4 сm on mat paper, etc.) and start collecting documents for visa. Keep in touch with MGIMO International Office to get the reference number of the electronic invitation (TELEX) and information of its validity period.
  • At the Russian boarder as well as upon arrival to MGIMO please follow all the migration rules regarding your migration card, migration registration and visa extension (Steps 2–4 here).

In order to register for the course, you should submit via email to

  • a completed questionnaire
  • a valid passport copy

PLEASE NOTE! Your passport must be valid for 1,5 year after the expiration date of your Russian visa

Having paid for the course, but before arrival to Russia, you should submit via email to

  • a copy of your visa to Russia (for visa nationals)
  • a copy of the certified translation of your passport into Russian (for non-visa nationals)
  • a copy of an international health insurance valid in Russia for the full period of study

Upon arrival you should bring to the course coordinator:

  • medical certificates (originals) of:

— negative HIV test (issued within 6 months of the arrival date)
— negative Hepatitis B tests (issued within 3 months of the arrival date)
— negative Syphilis test (issued within 3 months of the arrival date)
— negative Tuberculosis test (issued within a year of the arrival date)

  • international certificates of vaccinations or an original medical report on vaccinations against tetanus, measles, diphtheria, tuberculosis
  • personal health records (PHR) for chronic diseases
  • 4 passport photos 3×4 сm

Additional information
Students of the course are provided with basic study materials.
Students organize their own meals. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants and takeaways on campus.
As a student of the course, you are eligible to obtain a social card that gives you discounts on travel on public transport (metro, bus, trolleybus and tram).

There is free-of-charge internet access on campus.
MGIMO student organizations offer leisure activities such as sports competitions and cultural events. There are also an extensive university sports program at reduced prices, MGIMO own medical center, and the library that holds around one million items in 62 different languages.

MGIMO International Office
76 Prospect Vernadskogo, office 1037, Moscow 119454
+7 495 225 39 23
Ms. Elena Kuzmina
Office hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00 (UTC+3:00)


Coordinator Ms Elena Kuzmina

MGIMO International Office
76 Prospect Vernadskogo, office 1037, Moscow 119454
+7 495 225 39 23

Office hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00 (UTC+3:00)