BA in “Translation, Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication”

MGIMO University School of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication

The School incorporates traditions of fundamental education and research in linguistics with innovative tele-communicative technologies. The acquired skills in modern languages, cultures and public speech are a major advantage for future linguists to be further implemented on the international arena.

Special features

Education: The second foreign language is taught from the first year

Facilities: High-tech interpretation laboratories, TRADOS studio classes, Corpus Linguistics Studies tools

Course description

  • 4 years
  • Full-time education
  • On-campus housing options
  • Department of Military Training
  • Single Educational Space of MGIMO
  • Modern material and technical base in an ecologically clean district of the Moscow region
  • Study of foreign languages in accordance with MGIMO's own educational standards
  • Up to 70 % of teaching in English and 4 other European languages
  • The newest base of educational and methodical materials (including electronic libraries)
  • Assignment of a curator (tutor) to students
  • Russian Studies International Module for Russian and international students
  • Learning Russian as a Foreign language

Skills &Knowledge

The Bachelor Degree programs of the department help students:

  • Receive quality education in linguistics including language theory and practice;
  • Acquire background knowledge of both Russian and world cultures;
  • Get unique experience of cross-cultural communication, translation and interpreting of professional discourse;
  • Learn to effectively cooperate in an international team using several modern languages.

Upon graduation students are expected to be proficient in two foreign language other than Russian and their native tongue. The second language is taught from the first year (10 hours of English + 6 hours of a second foreign language per week + Russian Studies courses in English + language courses in English = 26 hours of foreign language courses per week from the first semester).

The Program is designed according to MGIMO Educational Standard: the curriculum includes disciplines of the international block: Regional Studies, Economics, and Law.

The students have an opportunity to participate in telecommunication scientific and educational projects with language students of the University of Georgia (USA): including online lectures by US professors, teleconferences, etc.

B.A. graduates may apply to join either MGIMO graduate programs taught in English, dual-degree M.A. programs, a wide variety of M.A. programs at MGIMO University or other Russian universities taught in Russian.

Course content

International and Diplomatic Subjects:

  • International Relations and World Politics
  • World Economy
  • International Economic Relations
  • International Law
  • Diplomatic and Business protocol

Subjects in English in Russian Studies (Russian Studies):

  • Russian Cultural Studies (Introduction to Linguistic and Cultural Studies, Russian Culture Studies in English)
  • Russian Area Studies: Russian Country and Regional Studies
  • Russian History (History of Russia in English), etc.

Linguistic Subjects:

  • Linguistics of the 20th century and current problems of modern linguistics
  • General Theory of Translation and Contrastive Linguistics
  • Practical course in translation and interpretation
  • Specialized translation
  • Speaking and Listening Strategies
  • Practicum in Speech Communication Culture in a First Foreign Language
  • Lexicology
  • Reading and Writing Strategies in a First Foreign Language
  • Basics of Media Linguistics
  • Second Foreign Language
  • Strategies of Effective Communication

Area Studies Subjects:

  • Introduction to the Theory of Cross-cultural Communication
  • Dialogue of Cultures: Theory and Practice of Interaction in a Global World
  • Area Studies through Language/Region Studies of First and Second Foreign Languages
  • Cross-cultural Communication: theory and practice

Computational Linguistics Subjects:

  • Introduction to Computation Linguistics
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Digital Translation Tools
  • Basic Programming Languages
  • Information and Communications Technologies

Bachelor’s Degree Program module on Russian Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication

In the Fall 2018 the department launched a new Bachelor’s Degree Program module on Russian Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication (in English).

“Studying at MGIMO’s Odintsovo’s campus within the Department of Linguistics has been both challenging and rewarding. My Russian has improved dramatically thanks to the enthusiasm, hard work and patience of the local professors. I also learned about what it means to live in Russia, in an immersive and culturally rich environment. To all those who assisted me in my experience, I thank you”. — Nicolas Marshall (Ottawa, Canada. January 2019)

Extracurricular students activities

  • Projects with Partner Universities abroad (University of Georgia, USA; International University of Languages and Media, Milan, Italy etc.) and in Russia; projects with industry partners in linguistics, online education, translation and interpreting, computational (corpus, machine learning etc.) linguistics etc.
  • The French language Theatre Club
  • A varied Program based excursions program
  • Students research in Linguistic, Culture, Area Studies and Education in Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese
  • Rich students social life on Campus (vocal, dance studios, theatre, intellectual competitions, quests etc.)
  • The annual International Research-Practice Conference “Language. Culture. Translation: research paradigms and practical aspects with opportunities for students presentations and volunteering experience

English Club of MGIMO Odintsovo Branch

The School of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication provides students with a variety of English Club activities:

  • guest speakers (experts in translation and interpreting, corpus linguistics, cross-cultural communication in business, government and international organizations etc.);
  • debates, negotiations, discussions;
  • phonetic, translation, public speaking and other contests;
  • presentations of research results etc.

Carrier opportunities

MGIMO graduates are sought by employers internationally and the career prospects for a successful graduate student of MGIMO Linguistic Programs are excellent. Among them:

  • Expert on Russia/ British/ American Area Studies
  • Cultural Consultant /Communicator /Negotiator
  • Linguistic Analyst in Professional and Media Discourse
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Manager
  • Translator / Interpreter
  • Russian / English / German / French / Spanish Language and Culture Instructor
  • Researcher and language educator
  • Professional and media discourse analyst
  • Computational Linguist

The department graduates can work in business, government or industries as experts on Russian/ British/ American area studies, language, culture and history. They can also specialize in translation and interpreting or teaching Russian / English / German / French / Spanish as a foreign language. Research in linguistics or guiding business are also options.


The Odintsovo Branch is located in the prestigious Moscow suburban area “Rublevka”, located at a 25 kilometer distance from the Red Square of Moscow, the new campus is noted for healthy country-side environment and an efficient transportation system bringing you to downtown Moscow in no more than 45 minutes.

The Odintsovo Branch inherited the campus of the former Odintsovo Humanities University with its outstanding teaching block, sports facilities, quality hotel and a nice regular park. The teaching block space exceeds 16 000 m2 and includes spacious multimedia and language laboratory classrooms, management decision situation cabinets, IT-laboratories and computer classrooms, computerized library, conference hall, quality hotel for 117 guests and a unique 18 000 m2 sport and fitness complex (FTC).


Internships are organized with MGIMO’s partners that specialize in banking, oil and gas, government, education and culture sectors.

There is also a number of international internships and study groups with native speaker interns from MGIMO partner universities (e.g. University of Georgia, USA; University of Ottawa, Canada; International University of Languages and Media, Italy etc.) as well as internships with Russian and international market leaders in distant and blended language learning, translation and interpreting, corpora research and other “digital” linguistic tracks.


Common State Examination (CSE): Russian, Foreign Language, History/ Literature

Disability support
available on Campus

Contact details

The Dean: Ikonnikova Valentina Aleksandrovna
Phone: +7495 661-71-98 (ext. 51-61)


Dean: Ikonnikova Valentina Aleksandrovna

3, Novo-Sportivnaya, Odintsovo, Moscow Region
Room: 516

+7 495 661-71-98 (inner 51-61)