BA in Russian Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication

Odintsovo Campus

Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication

General Information

The Department offers a full-time three-year Bachelor’s Degree Course in line with the Russian Federal Standard and MGIMO Standard of Higher Education in «Linguistics». The program intake is 25 students, classes commence in the Fall 2018.

What is the program about?

The program is designed to prepare future professionals in Russian Culture, History and Area Studies capable to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment in the changing world.

Starting their studies in English, students gradually acquire profound knowledge of the Russian language which becomes a key to the first-hand understanding of the country’s culture and values.

Linguistic terminology and specific language skills acquired by our students enable them to easily analyze and create professional and media texts, read «behind the lines» and deduce culturally marked background information.

Who can apply for the program?

English speaking students are invited to apply for the program, where they will gain skills to overcome cross cultural barriers and advance their knowledge in the field of Russian studies through learning and practical usage of the Russian language.

Program Majors

  • Russian Area Studies and Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Russian History and Culture/Arts
  • Teaching Russian to the Speakers of Other Languages
  • Interpreting and Translation

Who teaches the program courses?

Our tutors and lecturers are experienced in participating and implementing academic and cultural exchange programs, lecturing at Russian, American and British Universities. Former politicians, diplomats, businesspeople and experts in other professional fields share with students their knowledge. University of Georgia and other visiting professors are also involved in design and teaching of the Russian Cultural Studies program.

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Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication: Odintsovo, ul. Novo-Sportivnaya, 3, office 516a.

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