Student accommodation

MGIMO has four buildings for student accommodation. Foreign students tend to live in the “Vernadsky” residence hall №2 which is located on campus, a three-minute walk from the entrance of the University.

Dormitory №1 «Cheremyshki»

Address: Ul. Novocheremushkinskaya, 26.
It’s a 5 floor brick building.
+7 499 125-33-84

The hostel has rooms designed for two or three people. Kitchens are located separately on each floor. The hostel has a student cafe, a room with Internet and a gym.

Directions: from the «University» metro station, get on the tram No26 to the stop “Street Novocheryomushkinskaya”. Altogether, the trip takes about 30 minutes.

Dormitory №2 «Vernadsky»

Address: Prospect Vernadskogo, 76.
This modern 13-storey panel building is located on campus, a few steps away from the University’s main entrance.
+7 495 229-54-90


The hostel has double rooms with all amenities (bathroom, toilet). Kitchens are located separately on each floor. On the 6th floor, there is a café. In the lobby of the 1st floor there are international telephone machines.

Dormitory №4 «Tsaritsyno»

Address: Ul. Caspian, 28/1.
It is a 5-storey building with flats.
+7 499 725-71-96


The dormitory comprises one, two and three room apartments. Each flat has a kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Each flat accommodates from three to six people.

Directions: Catch the tube from “Yugo-Zapadnaya” or “Prospect Vernadskogo” to “Okhotny Ryad” station, then switch to the station “Teatralanaya” and go to the station “Tsaritsyno”. Altogether, the trip takes 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Regarding all questions and requests related to moving in to, changing and leaving a dormitory as well as issues linked to refunds and conflict situations etc. please contact the MGIMO Division responsible for student accommodation:

Office: 1108-B
+7 495 229-54-05

If you believe the staff of this division have not correctly performed their job, have provided incorrect information or infringed upon your rights, you can appeal to the Director of Operations and Maintenance of Buildings and Structures Department: +7 495 229-54-29 or write an e-mail


You can pay your accommodation fees in the “Gazprombank” outlet. You need to make your monthly payment on time. In case you fail to fulfill the terms and conditions of the accommodation contract the University’s authorities are entitled to ask you to leave.


After meeting with the chief of the residence hall and settling into the room; you can collect the furnishings: chairs, pillows, bedding.
If you have brought your own furniture, please inform the chief of the residence hall.


Most residence halls have free wireless Internet coverage in public areas. If you wish to connect to the network in your room, in some of the dormitories, you can do so for an additional fee.


If you invite a guest over, you must fill out a request form for the chief of the dormitory and upon approval, leave it with security at the entrance to the hostel. To be admitted in the building, all guests must have a passport or any other ID document.
Guests are allowed until 11 p.m.
If your relatives (parents, siblings) come to visit and you would like them to be put up in the dormitory, you ought to plan out the logistics ahead of time and file a request to the Administration of the dormitory, which is located in MGIMO’s main building
on campus (room BC-05).


The laundry room can be found on the ground floor of the dorm. You are welcome to use the washing machines free of charge. Please check the opening times on site. In addition, there is a centralized system for washing bed linen on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Students living in the residence hall can do their washing in the first floor laundry room. For more details, refer to the section regarding life in student accommodation. In Moscow, there is also a large network of commercial laundromats. One of the main chains is called “Diana”. To find out where your nearest laundromat is, please go to:


  • It is forbidden to enter the building after 1 a.m.
  • It is forbidden to bring pets into your room.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the rooms and elsewhere in the residence halls.
  • If you purchase additional appliances to use in your room, please, advise the management of the dormitory.
  • If anything breaks in your room, either a piece of furniture or bathroom equipment, please, inform the hostel management by leaving a note on the ground floor, in the special register to be found next to the security checkpoint.

You can always ask your roommate to help you out if you are in trouble. Most students speak good English.


The Residence Hall Director

If for some reason you want to change rooms or solve any other matter, please contact the residence hall director.

The residence hall chief

The residence hall chief is responsible for maintaining order, discipline and safety in the building. If you need help with the equipment in your room, or you need to prepare for the arrival of guests, please contact the residence hall chief (in Russian “commendant”).


MGIMO Division responsible for student accommodation

Office: 1108-B
+7 (495) 434-91-75