IPSA RC 41 Fifth International Workshop

IPSA RC 41 Fifth International Workshop

1 May 2022


The IPSA RC 41 Fifth International Workshop in Moscow is organized on November 11-13, 2022 by the Center for Spatial Analysis in International Relations (Institute for International Studies, MGIMO University) as part of the grant program № 075-15-2020-930 “Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Center” provided by the Russian Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The three-day workshop is designed to bring together leading scholars on political geography and geopolitics to discuss the methodological development of the discipline.

Anyone wishing to participate in the 2022 IPSA RC 41 Moscow Workshop and to contribute by addressing any of the above topics is invited to submit an initial paper proposal using the registration form

Final date for submission May 1, 2022.

No registration fee is required. Organizers will provide the accepted participants with necessary visa assistance, printing materials and coffee breaks. Participants of the 2022 Moscow International Workshop are expected to cover all personal transportation, board and lodging arrangements and expenses.

Contacts for inquiries: geo@inno.mgimo.ru

Call for papers (PDF)

How to get to MGIMO