Dormitories and Accommodation

General Location and Transportation

MGIMO is located in a picturesque green area of southern Moscow, home to several higher education institutions, and considered upmarket and safe. The nearby commercial facilities and recreational spaces ensure a comfortable daily life for international students. They can buy everything they need in grocery stores, markets, and two shopping malls, and dine in a diverse range of restaurants and cafeterias. Easily accessible recreational pursuits include walking and jogging in nearby gardens, cinemas, and a bowling alley, with the center of Moscow only 20 minutes away by metro, for access to the delights of one of the world’s largest, most vibrant, and diverse cities. The University is between two Red Line metro stations – “Yugo-Zapadnaya (South West)” and “Prospect Vernadskogo”. From either metro station run mini buses which will convey students directly to MGIMO, with bus and trolley bus services also available.

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Four well-equipped, comfortable, and modern dormitories provide international students with accommodation for study periods at MGIMO. Students usually share a double room in the 14-floor dormitory on campus, with a shared kitchen on every floor, washing machines, and nearby dry cleaners. The University has a network of canteens and cafes, providing quality service to thousands of visitors, catering to a variety of tastes – from the classic student canteens to sushi bars and pizzerias. Students wishing to live off campus will find abundant affordable, for Moscow, accommodation to rent near the campus.

In the application form you should indicate whether you require accommodation at the MGIMO residence hall. Remember to reserve accommodation at least three months before your arrival as well as to inform MGIMO International Office of the exact date and time of your arrival.

MGIMO has four buildings for student accommodation. Foreign students tend to live in the residence hall №2 (“Vernadsky”), which is located on campus, a three-minute walk from the entrance of the University. The cost is 300–400 RUB per night for one person in a double room. Single accommodation is not possible. The accommodation contract is to be signed upon arrival for the whole period of study. The payment is to be made every three months.

The residence hall "Vernadsky" has double rooms with all amenities (bathroom, toilet). Kitchens are located separately on each floor. On the 6th floor, there is a café. Public areas of the residence hall have free Wi-Fi.

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Health insurance

Foreign students enrolled at MGIMO are required to have medical insurance obtained in their home country and valid in Russia for the whole study period at MGIMO. Upon arrival you will be asked to present the insurance documents as well as the necessary health certificates. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase your medical insurance at MGIMO once you have arrived. MGIMO has agreements with several health clinics, so students can select and benefit from a variety of insurance policies.

MGIMO has its own Medical Center which provides basic services. The Medical Center includes therapists, ophthalmologists, dentists, trauma specialists and other medical specialists.

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The MGIMO library is named after Professor Ivan Tyulin, the First Vice-Rector of MGIMO. The library was opened as early as 1944, when the Moscow State Institute of International Relations was set up as a separate educational institution.

Today, the library holds around one million items in 62 different languages: books, monographs, periodicals, historical editions, and maps.

The library has state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of electronic catalogues and databases.

The spacious reading room offers ideal conditions for self-study. There is free Wi-Fi.

The library is home to the Museum of Rare Books, which was founded in 1995. The museum includes 21,000 unique volumes on foreign and Russian policy-making, some dating back to the XIII century. The collection also includes rare antique oriental manuscripts in Arabic and Farsi.

Sports facilities

MGIMO has a Sports Center equipped with modern facilities. Students can play football, mini-football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, and practice shooting. There are several combat classes that students can attend, as well as group fitness sessions.

Students can also use the gym, the tennis hall, the aerobics, fitness and martial arts rooms as well as the sauna.

MGIMO boasts a swimming pool, which is one of the best in Moscow.

On campus there is an outdoor stadium which can be used when the weather is warm. It includes a football field, jogging lanes, volleyball and basketball courts, outdoor tennis courts, and grounds for mini-football and other sports. In winter, an ice rink is created outdoors.

The pool and the gym are open every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the summertime).

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