Application procedures

MGIMO University welcomes applications from international students. Our International Office is committed to helping students through the application process.

Enrolling in a foreign university is a great challenge for many students. You have to leave your home country for an extended period of time, face cultural challenges and the difficulties of living in a totally new environment. It's very important that you prepare all the required documents and properly fill out the necessary forms before you enroll at MGIMO-University.

We understand that some important details can be easily forgotten in a hurry. To render the process easier, we have prepared a Step-by-step strategy and a Checklist of all needed documents and forms

To obtain advice and help with your application, you are always welcome to contact our International Office.

Before leaving your home country - a step by step strategy

Step No. 1: Check possible existing agreements between your home university and MGIMO by contacting your Exchange Programme Coordinator. He or she will inform you about the procedures to be selected as an exchange student.

Step No. 2: After passing the selection procedures at your home university, you will receive an information package from us, in which you will find:
— a MGIMO practical guide for international students;
— an application form, which you will carefully fill and return to the International Office within the indicated deadline together with a copy of your passport either by fax or e-mail;
— a Letter of Acceptance for getting your Russian student visa at the nearest Russian Consulate in your country.

Step No. 3: Please keep in touch with MGIMO International  Office for getting the reference number of your invitation telex and the starting date of the visa application as well as for booking the transfer from the Moscow International Airport or Railway Station to your place of accommodation.

Step No. 4: In the application form you should indicate whether you need a place at the MGIMO residential hall  to be reserved (remember to reserve accommodation at least three months before your arrival). This is why it is important to inform the International Office of Your exact date and time of arrival. You can find more information about lodging in the Accommodation section.

Step No. 5: International students should have a valid student visa, when staying for one or two semesters or even for short-term stays. Please check the list of documents required for the visa application (a completed visa application form, the letter of acceptance from MGIMO-University, passport photos (3х4 сm on mat paper), a valid passport, etc.) at the nearest Russian consulate in your country. You can get an application form to be filled out there as well. The letter of acceptance will be sent to you by fax. Apply for a visa at a Russian consulate.

Step No. 6: Get an international health insurance. Foreign students enrolled at MGIMO are required to have medical insurance obtained in their home country and valid for their whole study period at MGIMO-University. Upon arrival you will be asked to present the insurance documents as well as necessary health certificates.

Step No. 7: It is recommended to bring your International Student Identification Card (ISIC). The card is recognized in Russia and can be helpful when purchasing international train, airlines tickets or entering museums. There is a possibility to obtain the card at MGIMO after presenting a regular student ID which you will get upon arrival to MGIMO.


Documents you need to go to MGIMO University

  • a completed application form;
  • a valid passport;
  • a valid visa;
  • an international health insurance;
  • health certificates;
  • ISIC card;
  • an acceptance letter;
  • 4 photoes.


MGIMO International Office
+7 495 234 84 61
76 Prospect Vernadskogo, office 1037, Moscow 119454.