15 September 2016

Russian Language Study Programs

International students who want to learn the Russian language have several options depending on their level of Russian.


The ability to understand, communicate and study in Russian is an essential requirement for acceptance to the university. All international students who wish to study at MGIMO are required to pass a language test or show proof of language proficiency in Russian. The Dean's Office for International Students offers a Russian language preparatory program. The preparatory course lasts for one academic year after which students apply to study in undergraduate programs in the Russian language. Students in the Russian language preparatory program pay a tuition fee for a full year of study.


MGIMO Russian Language professors have vast experience in working with different audiences – from international students to foreign diplomats. The Russian Language Department offers Russian language courses to full-time international students with any level of proficiency:

  • Improving your Russian vocabulary and grammar
  • Russian for academic purposes – economics, law, diplomacy, political science, or Russian history
  • Russian literature and culture
  • Theoretical study of comparative Russian grammar, systematic interpretation of grammar categories, and introduction to systemology and systematic linguistics

MGIMO Russian language professors also arrange cultural events in order to familiarize students with Russian historic and cultural traditions: museums, exhibitions, theaters, national events, and excursions.

Exchange Students, Visiting Students and Research Visitors in Russian language programs have an option of group or individual studies during semester and pay a fee depending on that choice.


Key features

Target group: non-Russian-speaking persons with any level of proficiency

Fee: 35 euros per academic hour (price as of 2017)

Duration: tailored; but the minimum price of the contract cannot be less than 450 euro (≈13 academic hours or more)


You can study Russian language individually (one-on-one with a teacher) and choose as many academic hours as you wish. MGIMO Russian Language professors have vast experience in working with different audiences — from international students to foreign diplomats, so the course content and the main focus of the study will be tailored specifically to fit your needs.


Any level of proficiency is eligible.


The course is available from September till June of each year.

Classes are held from Monday till Friday.


Students of the course are required to regularly attend the classes, actively participate in class and do the homework. To obtain a Certificate of Attendance, you must pass the final exam.

Assessment and academic credit

After completing the course students receive an official Transcript of Records with grades or a Certificate of Completion.


Tuition fee for the course is 35 euro per academic hour (price as of 2017). The minimum price of the contract must not be less than 450 EUR

How to apply

  1. Fill in the application form. (сделать ссылку на файл 1)
  2. Send it along with the scanned copies of the required documents (please see the list below) to MGIMO International Office by email to: e.orlova@inno.mgimo.ru.
  3. If you are approved, an educational contract is to be concluded and paid. After MGIMO has received the payment, you can apply for a visa.
  4. Check with the nearest Russian consulate regarding visa requirements (for example, a completed visa application form, a valid passport, the Letter of Acceptance from MGIMO, passport photos 3×4 сm on mat paper, etc.) and start collecting documents for visa. Keep in touch with MGIMO International Office to get the reference number of the electronic invitation (TELEX) and information of its validity period.
  5. At the Russian boarder as well as upon arrival to MGIMO please follow all the migration rules regarding your migration card, migration registration and visa extension (Steps 2–4 here).


In order to apply for the course, you should submit via email to e.orlova@inno.mgimo.ru:

  • a completed application form
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Motivation Letter
  • a valid passport copy

Having paid for the course, but before arrival to Russia, you should submit via email to e.orlova@inno.mgimo.ru:

  • a copy of your visa to Russia (for visa nationals)
  • a copy of the certified translation of your passport into Russian (for non-visa nationals)
  • a copy of an international health insurance valid in Russia for the full period of study

Upon arrival you should bring to the course coordinator:

  • medical certificates (originals) of:
    — negative HIV test (issued within 6 months of the arrival date)
    — negative Hepatitis B tests (issued within 3 months of the arrival date)
    — negative Syphilis test (issued within 3 months of the arrival date)
    — fluoroscopy/chest X-ray (issued within a year of the arrival date)
  • international certificates of vaccinations or an original medical report on vaccinations against tetanus, measles, diphtheria, tuberculosis
  • personal health records (PHR) for chronic diseases


Please indicate in the questionnaire whether you need a place at the MGIMO residence hall. If there are places, they are allocated at an additional fee (300—400 rubles per night). Single accommodation is not possible.

Additional information

Students organise their own meals. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants and takeaways on campus.

There is free-of-charge internet access on campus.


Ms Ekaterina Orlova
International Programs Coordinator

MGIMO International Office
76 Prospect Vernadskogo, office БЦ-02, Moscow 119454
Tel: +7 495 234 84 61
E-mail: e.orlova@inno.mgimo.ru

Office hours: Monday—Friday 10:00-17:00 (UTC+3:00)


Students who come to study in the International Summer School have the opportunity to take Russian language courses. Students are allocated to classes depending on their proficiency in Russian. They can attend a Russian course in one or more three week modules.