School of Governance and Politics

Based on its extensive successful experience accumulated over the years, the School of Governance and Politics is intended to create a brand new generation of public servants who will be able to act in a highly competitive environment, have fluency in foreign languages together with expertise in strategic, innovation and crisis management and a deep understanding of current political processes both nationally and internationally, including, inter alia, an excellent educational background in law and economics. An alumnus of the SGP is perfectly positioned as a government official, politician, staff member of departments or agencies providing expert and analytical support for government authorities, or a GR manager for a major national corporation.

SGP Bachelor Degree Programs

The specializations offered by the SGP include «Public and Municipal Administration», «Political Science», and «International Relations». Applicants can choose any of these specializations during the admission campaign, and third year students are to select their respective program curriculum involving a wide range of special disciplines, topics for scientific research and a variety of internship options. The School has introduced the positions of program moderators and tutors who are in charge of developing soft skills and hard skills of the students both during term time and outside of school hours. By the time the students are to be assigned to their internships, the School will already have a clear vision of their job skills, expertise and the relevant industry or field of professional activities suitable for each particular student.

The SGP bachelor programs include:

  • Digital Public Governance;
  • Management of Federal and Regional Property;
  • Economic Politics;
  • Technologies of Public Politics;
  • Political Theory;
  • Political Conflictology;
  • World Politics

SGP Masters Degree Programs

  • Smart City Management
  • Governance in State-owned Corporations
  • Management of Sustainable Development
  • International Business Consulting
  • GR and Business Diplomacy
  • International Humanitarian Cooperation and External Communications of Regions

SGP Dual Degree Masters Programs

  • «International Public and Business Administration» program, implemented together with the Macerata University (Italy);
  • «Digital Public Governance» program, a brand new program launched jointly with the Sapienza University of Rome;
  • «Smart City Management» program (together with Yonsei University, South Korea);
  • «External Relations of Regions» program (together with the University of Cagliary, Italy).
  • «International Political Consulting» program which combines the most reliable academic school of political science based on MGIMO University together with the «International Relations and European Studies» and «Law and Politics in the European Union» programs carried out by the University of Nicosia.
  • «Political Consulting and International Relations» program (together with the University of Pisa);
  • «International Humanitarian Cooperation and External Communications of Regions» program (jointly with UNITAR)
  •  «Management of International Projects» program (jointly with UNITAR)
  • «GR and International Lobbying program (together with the University of Florence)



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