Institute for International Studies

Institute for International Studies (IIS) was established at MGIMO University in May 2009 with the basic mission of further expanding research and analytical capability of the University in the field of international relations and shaping more systemic, coordinated and innovative model for this activity, upgrading the MGIMO status as not only a reputable academic institution, but also as a recognized center creating a top-class research.

The Institute of International Studies, with its eleven research centers, accumulates the scientific and intellectual output of the University, and conducts extensive research and expert analysis across all major areas of world politics and international relations.

Institute of International Studies Research Centers:

  • Center for Global Issues
  • Center of Post-Soviet Studies
  • ASEAN Center
  • BRICS Studies Centre
  • Euro-Atlantic Security Center
  • Center for Studies of Caucasus and Regional Security Issues
  • Middle East Research Center
  • Regional Political Studies Center
  • East Asia and SCO Studies Center
  • Civilizations Partnership Center
  • North-European and Baltic Studies Center
  • Analytical Center


Institute for International Studies

Andrej Sushencov, PhD


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