27 July 2017


The Scientific Library was created in 1944, the same year as the University itself. Today, it bears the name of I.Tyulin, the MGIMO First Vice-Rector in 1992 to 2007. Its stock currently comprises over 740 units in 55 foreign languages including manuscripts. The Library at MGIMO consists of more than a million items in 55 international languages. These include textbooks, monographs, reading materials, catalogs, ancient manuscripts, old books and maps. The library is equipped with modern computer technology, and its users have access to electronic databases of leading periodicals and anthologies, and to the world’s electronic catalogs. A spacious reading room, along with broadband internet facilitates effective student research.


Library users can access a range of multimedia technologies used for different teaching disciplines. There are self-study computer rooms and the technology available within University grounds and infrastructure facilitates innovative training programs. MGIMO has an extensive system of foreign language multimedia courses, including rare languages. All rooms are equipped with WiFi internet access.

Rare&Oriental Books

The Library maintains collection of more than 21 thousand rare Russian and foreign papers of XIII to early XX centuries, including antique oriental manuscripts in Arabic and Persian. In 2010, all handwritings were converted into digital form and many of them became accessible at web-page of the project “Rarities Online”.