8 February 2017

Skills-Upgrading at Odintsovo for Moscow Region Public Servants

February 7th, the first managerial group of state employees of the Moscow Region gathered on MGIMO’s Odintsovo campus to study «Strategic Planning». The seminar carries the name of the recently adopted federal law, which makes the use of strategic planning compulsory even at the municipal level.

The course is the result of the first collaboration between MGIMO’s Odintsovo campus and the Moscow Region training center. A number of professors from MGIMO University will be teaching in the program: the Director of the IPK (Institute for Upgrading Qualifications) Dmitry Gorodetsky, and three Associate professors from the Department of State Administration and Law.

The content of the course is focused on the new strategic directions for the development of the Moscow region. This year, 28 courses and 36 one-day seminars for state officials are scheduled to take place at Odintsovo.

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