6 April 2017

Bernard Lugan Delivers Lecture on History and Geopolitics of Libya

April 6th, the French historian Bernard Lugan came to MGIMO to give a talk to an audience of students and faculty members of the University. His speech was dedicated to the «History and Geopolitics of Libya».

Bernard Lugan is a globally recognized expert on the history of the African continent and a professor at the University Lyon-3, the Special Military School of «Saint-Cyr» and the French Institute of Higher National Defense Studies. He has authored many books on Africa and was an expert witness for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

The lecture was dedicated to the analysis of the historical and geographical factors, which impacted the creation of Libya as a state. The speaker related the history of the country from ancient times to nowadays and mulled over the current Libyan question, suggesting several ways out of the crisis.

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