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This June and July MGIMO Summer School offers two three-week intensive Modules on Russian foreign and energy policies. The Modules are taught in English by prominent, internationally recognized MGIMO University professors, at graduate level. Students will attend daily lectures, followed by group seminars and teamwork projects.

Both Modules cover topical issues of the Russian energy policy and diplomacy, international energy security and energy cooperation, foreign policy of Russia in the areas of economics, international trade and international relations, the contemporary Middle East and relations with the European Union, globalization, international development, and warfare in the modern world.

The Russian language course is taught in groups composed of students with similar levels of proficiency in the Russian language.

Students will meet prominent Russian politicians and diplomats, representatives of Russian and international big businesses.


Module 1 “Russian Foreign Policy: Modern Challenges”. June 20 – July 10

This module is taught by the leading professors of MGIMO University:

“Intoroductory Lecture” by Professor Artem Malgin, Vice-Rector, Mgimo University








“Russian foreign Policy: Legal Perspective” by Professor Alaxander Vylegzanin, Head of Department of International Law








“National Economy of Russia in the Global Context” by Professor Alexander Bulatov, Head of Department of World Economics








“Economic Realities Driving Foreign Policy” by Professor Gennadi Oleinov, Professor, Department of World Economics








“Russian Energy Policy: International Perspective” by Professor Segey Vasiliev, Director, MGIMO University at Odintsovo








Special Guest: Dmitri Trenin, Director, Carnegie Moscow Center, Chair of the Research Council and the Foreign and Security Policy Program, will chair a round-table conference on topical issues of current Russian foreign policy

(For more information about instructors visit and







Module 2 “Russian Energy Policy”. July 11 – 31

Major course: “Contemporary Russian Energy Policy” (4 ECTS credits). Elective courses: “Russia in the World Economy (2 ECTS credits) or “Russia and CIS (2 ECTS credits). Russian language course (4 ECTS credits). This module is taught by leading MGIMO professors and executives from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“International Energy Security: Russian Perspective”by Nikolai Mironov,Professor, International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy, Head of Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia




“Current Energy Policy of Russia”, “International Business Environment for the Oil and Gas Sector” by Professor Sergei Vasiliev, Director, MGIMO-University at Odintsovo,

former Deputy Director, International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy

“Sustainable Development of Energy Resources of the Arctic: Russian Perspective”by Alice Khubaeva, Senior Researcher,International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy

“Pipeline System of the Russian Federation: Maintenance & Development”by Alexander Nedospasov,Senior Researcher,International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy.

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This year Summer School will be held at a new MGIMO campus at Odintsovo, in the prestigious Moscow suburban area “Rublevka”, where the President of Russia and most of the Federal ministers reside. Located at a 25 kilometer distance from the Red Square of Moscow, the new campus is noted for healthy country-side environment and an efficient transportation system bringing you to downtown Moscow in no more than half an hour.

The Summer School students will be placed at the MGIMO University at Odintsovo officially registered 4-star Hotel attached to the main building.

Tuition fee for one Module is 2 000 Euros. It covers application processing, shared accommodation in a twin-room at the University Hotel, tuition, library, use of outstanding sports facilities (12 specialized gyms including a 25-meter swimming pool), sight-seeing tours and social events. Twin room sole occupancy, suites and studios are available at the University Hotel on request at higher prices. Visa support will be also provided.

Those who choose to apply for our Modules, please write to me, Dr. Sergey Vasiliev, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be provided an application form and further information.

For further information call +7(495)590-7254.

Mailing address: 143000 Odintsovo, Novo-Sportivnaya ulitsa, 3

Looking forward to seeing you as our summer school students at MGIMO,

Best wishes,
Sergey Vasiliev

MGIMO University at Odintsovo

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