28 April 2016

Former Australian Prime Minister Gives Talk at MGIMO

April 27th, Kevin Rudd, formerly Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Australia and currently Director of the Asia Society Policy Institute (New York) spoke at MGIMO on «The rise of Asia and the future world order».

His talk focused on security issues in the Asia-Pacific region. He underlined the fact that there is no organization in the region that deals with security matters and the East Asia Summit could take on this function. «The Asia-Pacific region, unlike Europe with the OSCE, has no platform to discuss security issues and yet it has a huge number of unresolved territorial disputes between Japan and Russia, Japan and China, Korea and Japan, Taiwan as one large issue in itself, India and China, India and Pakistan and others «. The region is also experiencing an arms race, with India, Pakistan and North Korea, but also other countries upping their military expenditures.


27 April 2016

MGIMO Welcomes CEO of Inventis Investment Holdings

April 26th, Yong Kwek Ping, CEO of Inventis Investment Holdings (Singapore), the largest foreign private equity fund in China came to MGIMO. During his visit, the guest met with the University’s Rector Anatoly Torkunov, gave a detailed interview in the program «Ideas Changing the World» («Russia-24»), and delivered a lecture to graduate students.

Yong Kwek Ping has been for over 16 years one of the most successful investors in China and he currently runs four funds with total assets under management of $ 6.2 billion. At present, Inventis has $ 3.6 billion of available funds for investment. Mr. Yong has visited Russia many times and is now entertaining plans to establish in 2016, together with the Russian-Hong Kong investment company Youxian Investments and ROSNANO, a National Center for Direct Investment at the Far Eastern Federal University.


27 April 2016

Conference at MGIMO with Former Council of Europe Secretary General

April 26th, Daniel Tarschys, Secretary General of the Council of Europe from 1994 to 1999 addressed a gathering of MGIMO students and faculty members on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Russia joining the Council of Europe.

The event was also attended by the Head of the Council of Europe Programme Office in the Russian Federation Peter Zih, the Deputy Director of the Department of European Cooperation at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Kurmaz and the Director of MGIMO’s European Studies Institute Tamara Shashikhina.


22 April 2016

MGIMO Launches Dual Masters with Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

April 21st, MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov welcomed Professor Anna Vassilieva, Head of "Russian Studies" at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) located in Monterey.

The purpose of the meeting, also attended by MGIMO Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs Andrey Baykov, was to set the stage for the startup of the new joint masters program "Global security, nuclear policy and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction" this September.


21 April 2016

Jacques Sapir Discusses EU At MGIMO

April 20th, a renowned French Economist and Professor from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (France), Jacques Sapir, gave a lecture at MGIMO on the relations between Russia and the European Union.

MGIMO's Vice-Rector for Graduate and International programs, Andrey Baykov extended warm greetings to Jacques Sapir on behalf of the University and remarked that the Professor entertains novel ideas and has gone off the beaten track in his academic work, particularly when analyzing the Russian Economy.


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