MGIMO — University of Florence Double Master’s Degree In International Relations

The Joint Master’s Program «World Politics» in the field of high professional education «International Relations» was established in September 2011 as important milestone in the long-standing cooperation between MGIMO-University and the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Florence.

The Program offers three tuition free spots both form Russian and Italian side (six in total).The duration of the programs is two academic years. The first year both Russian and Italian participants study in Florence and the second year in Moscow.

While there is no tuition fee, students are responsible for financing their own personal and living expenses, including flights, accommodation, meals etc. All successful graduates who complete both MGIMO-University and the University of Florence as well as joint academic requirements will be awarded with two Master’s Degree diplomas.

The term of studies is two years. The first year both Russian and Italian participants spend in Italy, and the second year in Moscow. An integral part of the program is a written Master’s Thesis under a joint supervision of a Russian and Italian Professors. While studying at host university students attend all offered classes in accordance with the academic curriculum jointly agreed by both sides. Each academic year a student shall earn no less than 60 ECTS with a total of 120 ECTS for the whole two-year program.

Russian side applicants have to go through the same procedure as any MGIMO-University Master’s Programs applicants and successfully pass two entry exams:

  • the Italian language (advanced level of knowledge is required) ;
  • a comprehensive examination in the field of «International Relations». Language of instruction is Russian or Italian/English.