20 September 2016

Sports & Healthcare

MGIMO students have easy access to participation in a range of sports including football, mini-football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, water polo, table tennis, shooting, and martial arts.

Students can attend the University’s Sports Center gymnasium, with a full range of exercise equipment and professional trainers. Also available is a 6 lane swimming pool, which is considered one of the best in Moscow, a sports hall for volleyball, basketball and other collective activities, an indoor tennis court, wrestling room, aerobics and table tennis rooms. There is also an outdoor stadium with professional football field, open air grounds for tennis, volleyball and an ice skating rink in the winter.

Since 2008, the Sports Center has held the MGIMO Olympic Games. They cover events such as running, long jump, chess, table tennis and swimming, shooting, along with team events including tug of war, mini-football and basketball. More than 300 people participate in the Games, including a large number of international students.

The MGIMO Volunteering Centre established in 2011 provides training for almost 1,000 students who directly assisted in coordination of XXII Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games 2014 and acted as interpreters. In addition, MGIMO students are actively engaged in preparation of the World Football Cup 2018.

Medical Center

MGIMO provides students with modern health care and emergency medical services. The Medical Center includes therapists, ophthalmologist, dentists, trauma specialists and others, where services are provided by qualified professionals. The clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment, and in case of necessary consultations, the Center invites experts from the best medical facilities in Moscow.

To cover for the possibility of medical emergencies, international students are required to have medical insurance, and to verify that their medical insurance covers any hospitalization and medical care needs which may occur while living or travelling abroad, as well as possible repatriation to their home country in the event of medical emergency.