19 September 2016

Social Life

Cultural Center

The MGIMO Cultural Center hosts entertainment and creative activities for students and graduates in the University’s 800+ seat conference hall, including balls, discos, New Year parties, alumni meetings and a range of other events. In addition to the vocal, theatrical and dance groups, there is a fine arts studio and film society, as well as many other projects in which MGIMO students are actively involved.


Freshmen Day

A cultural and sports event held in September to congratulate ‘newbies’ with joining the MGIMO “club”. The event program includes a greeting from the rector, an initiation ceremony for first-year students, followed by a range of sports, a concert, and a disco.

Friendship Evening

A concert and dining event organized by the Council of International Fraternities, which provides an outstanding example of friendship, tolerance, youth and love. The event attracts the attention of the members of the diplomatic corps and international cultural centers working in Moscow.

Theatrical performances

The Theatre Studio offers classic and contemporary drama productions. Foreign language departments also often present their own short productions in different languages. The most prominent is the MGIMO Spanish Theatre, as well as English and German theatre performances.


A contest that has become a tradition, allowing young women studying at the University to show their individuality, uniqueness and charm.

Spring and Autumn Balls

University students from across Moscow take part in dazzling and beautiful displays of classic and modern dancing.


The homecoming of alumni, which takes place in October. The Foreign Minister of Russia usually opens the event.

MGIMO Music Awards

A competition for singers wishing to show off their skills. One of the most popular events.