26 November 2015

MGIMO Soars in QS Employability Ranking

November 26th, the International rating agency QS published the first issue of its Graduate Employability Ranking of Universities (GER).

According to its creators, the QS GER project reveals how the world's top universities interact with their students' potential employers, how these institutions position themselves on the global labor market. The Ranking also throws a light on which universities' graduates are most actively sought after by employers, and achieve the greatest success in their professional careers.


20 November 2015

MGIMO Hosts Lecture by Russian Culture Minister

November 19th, the Minister of Culture of Russia, Professor of Public Relations and a renowned author of the book series "Myths about Russia" Vladimir Medinsky came to the University to deliver a talk designed to expose myths about the revolution and the civil war.

The Minister noted that the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1917 is a fine occasion to once more go over the historical facts related to this event and try to analyze them in a fair and even-handed way. “The Civil War was won by a third force not involved in it directly. It was won by the historical Russia, which existed a thousand years before the Revolution and still does to this day” said V.Medinsky.


19 November 2015

The VII All-Russian Congress of Political Science Unfolds at MGIMO

November 19th, the University played venue to the VII All-Russia Congress of Political Scientists, organized by the Russian Association of Political Science (RAPS), in collaboration with MGIMO. The overarching topic of this year's gathering: "Political Science in the Face of Contemporary Politics Challenges."

Reunions of elite political science experts of this magnitude are held once every three years. This year's congress is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Political Science Association. As many as 1500 specialists  from universities and research centers across the nation and beyond flocked to Moscow this year, representing nearly all Russian regions and 30 foreign countries.


16 November 2015

MGIMO Invites Russian-British Chamber of Commerce Director

November 13th, Alan Thompson, the current director of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce conducted a seminar at MGIMO. Students and Faculty members of the International Institute of Management participated in the event.

A. Thompson began his speech by giving a detailed description of the activities of the RBCC, which will be celebrating next year its 100th anniversary. The RBCC Director also related the history of the RBCC and went over the milestones of its development.


13 November 2015

MGIMO Hails Malaysian Diplomats

November 12th, MGIMO’s ASEAN Centre welcomed the Malaysian ambassador in Moscow Dato’ Hayati Ismail and the Diplomatic Personnel of the Malaysian Embassy.

The purpose of the delegation’s visit was to familiarize themselves with the University and its ASEAN Center. Hayati Ismail, having recently taken up the post of ambassador in Moscow, displayed interest in exploring the prospects for further collaboration between Russia and the ASEAN countries.


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