22 June 2016

MGIMO Opens a Private Equity Centre

June 20th, MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov held a meeting with the CEO of Inventis Investment Holdings (Singapore) Yong Kwek Ping. The parties reached an agreement regarding the creation at the University of a Private Equity Education Centre, on the basis of which subjects related to private equity and entrepreneurial finance will be taught.

Discussions regarding the creation of the Centre started in April this year when Yong Kwek Ping for the first time met with the leadership of MGIMO and delivered a lecture to students of the University. To date, there are no similar training centres in Russian universities. Its creation at MGIMO under the headship of Mr. Yong, a renowned world authority in the field, will allow the University to expand its practice-oriented graduate and postgraduate education.


21 June 2016

MGIMO Opens Its 2016 Summer School

June 20th, MGIMO opened the first section of its International Summer School, which is being attended by 40 students from 23 countries the world over. The course is being held on MGIMO’s Odintsovo campus and consists of two training modules: «Russian Foreign Policy: Modern Challenges» and «Russian Energy Policy».

The increased interest in MGIMO’s International Summer School this year can be explained by Russia’s diplomatic role on the international arena and the importance of international energy cooperation and energy security in contemporary international relations.


18 June 2016

SPIEF: MGIMO At Panel on Digital Transformation of Russia

June 18th, MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin and the Director of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy Valery Salygin participated in the panel session «The digital transformation of Russia» in the framework of the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The goal of the session was to assess the possible impact of digital technologies on the Russian economy and the business climate in the country. During the meeting, experts, political figures and senior executives analyzed to what extent Russian business is ready for the challenges and opportunities entailed by digitization and discussed how it can prepare for the upcoming radical changes.


18 June 2016

SPIEF: MGIMO co-organizes Panel «University Education in a Changing World»

June 18th, the panel session «University education in a changing world», co-organized by MGIMO, unfolded in the framework of the Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum. Among the participants to the discussion were the Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Fursenko, the First Vice-President of «Gazprombank» Aylin Suntay, and Rectors and professors from the world’s leading universities.

Finding the right balance in the relationship between universities and business is a long standing discussion and in recent years, it has been given a new impetus with the vision of «University 3.0» which should not only educate, but also actively develop technological and business competencies and instill a culture of entrepreneurship.


16 June 2016

MGIMO at Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016

June 16th, the XX International Economic Forum started in Saint-Petersburg. The event was attended by a delegation from MGIMO headed by its Rector Anatoly Torkunov.

Also representing the University at the forum were its Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin, the Director of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy Valery Salygin and the Director of MGIMO’s Endowment Fund Marina Petrova. While a large number of MGIMO graduates and partners always participate in the Forum, this year the highest achieving students majoring in economics were also offered the opportunity to attend the event.


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